Black and white artist has two more blogs. Honestly a Liar and Raindrops. The first one was her fist blog when she started writing. It was about everything under the sun. Realizations, experiences, and some poems. While the latter one was all poetry. Feelings, pains, heartaches, a little bit of this-and-that. Feel free to visit those blogs. On the other hand, this blog is all about her art works. Letterings, abstracts, portraits, even photos.

Why black and white? Simply because of the medium she used for her artworks. Pens, charcoals, graphite. She has tried poster paint, water color, oil pastel, colors. It’s just not her thing. She’s not good at color, mixing it or what colors contrast what. She’s color blind, or so she believed. But it was just her excuse to not use colorful medium.

Black and white artist is a self-taught artist. Her fingers started dancing in an early age. But then she was using crayons and oil pastel at the time. Everything was beautiful at the time, of course we were children then. Later, she found out that pens (ballpens) are her thing. At first she was afraid to use pencils. But then she started to try using pencils. Then there was a friend who gave her her old charcoal pencils. And so she explored. She was amazed that she discovered what her thing is. Finally. This. Black and white, shading, and such.

From then she searched for black and white photos and then let her fingers dance with the charcoals. She watched youtube videos, read how to’s; blend, shade, and such. She discovered that white charcoals, kneaded eraser, paper blender exist.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. you’re pretty damn talented. its the expansion and diversity that could allow you a very satisfying art career. perhaps your writing is equally fluid. that would be a double-punch.

    i’ll be following. by email, if i can figure the damn thing out.
    sincerely, Jim Aldrich

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